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After a lifetime of collecting, we have decided to dispose of a large portion of our private aviation, movie and motorsport collection.
We have been actively involved in collecting, manufacturing and supplying antique aircraft parts for over seventy years and we hold a vast inventory of flying aircraft, aircraft projects, aircraft parts and spares and memorabilia ranging from the 1930’s through to the 1990s.
Our family also has a passion for cars and transport and we have also collected rare cars, bikes, motoring collectables and parts.
From the 1960’s our main business was the operation of aircraft for the film and television industry and being collectors ourselves, we amassed a significant collection of interesting identifiable items from many of the great movies that we were involved in.
We also have specialist tools, machinery and support equipment, books, magazines, manuals brochures, documentation and drawings, plus a huge photograph collection.
Items are shown with a brief description, and prices generally shown, however some items will be on application. For further detailed information call us on 07836318053.
I hope that you will find something of interest,
Tony Bianchi