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Ref: A47044
B-17 Hughes Aircraft 0.50 Caliber Ammunition Chute

Currently Unavailable (Ref: A49010)
De Havilland Dove Nose Leg Door Assembly and Manuals

Ref: A49002
Hispano Oerlikon 20mm Cannon
and Drum Magazine

Ref: A47055
Vintage KLG RE41 Spark Plug

Ref: A47040
Adult Gas Mask and Tin

Ref: A47041
Infant Gas Mask

Ref: A47042
Vintage Champion R33S Aircraft Spark Plug (P-47 Thunderbolt)

Ref: A47043
Vintage Russian Spark Plug (Yak-9)

Ref: A47037
Four Robin Rudder Pedals

Currently Unavailable (Ref: A47038)
Fieseler Storch Argus Engine Cylinder Head

Ref: A49015
Miles Gemini Undercarriage Leg Casting

Ref: A49014
Miles Gemini Undercarriage Leg Hydraulic

Focke-Wulf Fw 44 Snow Skis / Aerosleds